About Us

SGL Investment Advisors, Inc. is a Registered Investment Advisory firm headquartered in Missoula, Montana. SGL Investment Advisors, Inc.’s professional money managers, backed by 50+ years of collective experience, personally work with clients to individually structure their portfolios to fit within their risk tolerance profiles. Our advisors maintain an open-door policy toward personal meetings throughout the money management process. Our in-house research department focuses on constructing portfolios that limit downside risk while maintaining an eye for capturing market upside. Our clients include institutional pension plans, trusts, nonprofit endowments, 401(k) and profit-sharing plans, and high net worth individuals.

SGL Investment Advisors offers a full suite of portfolio models that offers our clients access to a variety of different performance and volatility profiles. Our process focuses on open collaboration, transparency and trust. Our clients enjoy access to all of the relevant decision-makers who manage their portfolios, including our in-house research staff. This open-door policy is difficult to replicate in today’s world of mega-bank money managers buried behind layers of costly processes and personnel.