As the financial industry continues to recover from the Great Recession of 2008–2009, many money managers have struggled to reestablish trust lost amid the market turmoil. Many small- to medium-sized money managers have shrunk, been absorbed into larger institutions, or simply disappeared altogether. Due to our focus on ongoing open dialogue with our clients, SGL Investment Advisors, Inc. lost very few clients over that difficult time frame and has continued to grow at a sustained pace. We focus on helping our clients understand the risks they are taking in investing in different investment models, so they are able to react rationally and decisively to market volatility. Investing is a collaborative process, and SGL Investment Advisors believes it’s important to maintain a “we’re all on the same page” message with all clients. By establishing and maintaining that trust relationship with our individual and institutional clients, SGL Investment Advisors continues to grow its asset base at a rate well above many of our competitors.