SGL Investment Advisors, Inc.’s management methodology focuses on generating superior long-term risk-adjusted returns. Although we realize that performance differentials are oftentimes measured in short-term increments, we endeavor not to “chase” assets in search of short-term results. The attention we pay to the income-generating component of our equity mix is an example of this long-term focus. Although an attractive dividend yield may or may not generate better performance in any given month, over time the reinvestment of those cash flows should enhance longer-term performance. We’ve found that this focus on long-term stability and risk-adjusted performance suits our clients in these uncertain economic times.

At SGL Investment Advisors, our in-house research department focuses on constructing portfolios that limit downside risk while maintaining an eye for capturing market upside. Our focus on performance stability via careful and calculated asset allocation management has dampened much of the volatility investors have experienced over the last few years. The performance track record of that methodology is well documented through a variety of market conditions, including arguably the worst equity market since the Great Depression.