At SGL Investment Advisors, Inc., we’ve strived to create a service model that differentiates us from many of our potential competitors. We fully realize that we wouldn’t be here without the trust of the clients whose money we work to protect. The relationship between any investment professional and his or her clients should fundamentally be based on the trust that comes from ongoing and collaborative communication, aligned objectives, and a mutual understanding of the risks one undertakes when investing in capital markets. To foster this trust, we endeavor to be as “open a book” as is possible as it relates to all aspects of the portfolio management process. We do this via our focus on customizable reporting capabilities, our team’s availability to answer any and all questions, and our desire to maintain a periodic review process.

SGL Investment Advisors actively encourages transparency and communication and endeavors to meet, or at least speak, with our clients on a quarterly basis in order to learn if anything has changed in their risk-tolerance profiles, income needs, etc. SGL’s money managers believe that this ongoing communication is a vital component of properly helping our clients achieve their long-term financial objectives. We have found that the investment process has more continuity when the managers and clients regularly communicate regarding potentially evolving investment objectives, the changing global economic landscape, etc. The more comfortable a client feels with how he or she is positioned, the less likely it is that he/she will make rash decisions that may result in account underperformance.