At SGL Investment Advisors, Inc., we maintain a diligent focus on ongoing communication that offers our investors the opportunity to engage in the process to the extent that they desire. Our entire staff is available to answer questions on an ongoing basis as it relates to portfolio composition, market conditions, liquidity needs, etc. We focus on creating a collaborative environment where our clients understand the scope of the risk they are exposed to and have realistic expectations as it relates to forward-looking performance. At SGL Investment Advisors, we have found that managing money must be a highly cooperative process. Based on a wide variety of potential variables, the needs of any particular investor can vary widely. Synchronization of our investors’ objectives with SGL’s portfolio management methodologies is best achieved through an active, ongoing dialogue. Typically, we prefer to meet with, or at least speak with, our clients on a quarterly basis to learn if anything has changed with our clients’ objectives that might affect our portfolio management methods.

All investors are different. Some prefer significant detail in our meetings; some prefer a more summarized report. Some enjoy a vigorous discourse on the current state of economic affairs; some prefer to simply quickly and efficiently deal with a line item on their to-do list. At SGL Investment Advisors, we can customize our communication process to the individual needs of the particular investor. Because of our focus on the transparency of our process, we make ourselves available to whatever questions the client might have — whether that be 25 or just a couple.