SGL Investment Advisors, Inc. invests in individual securities as opposed to mutual funds or engaging in a “manager of managers” investment model. We do this because we analyze each individual security that we bring into a client’s portfolio. As opposed to a mutual fund environment where an investor might have very little visibility on what securities actually constitute her portfolio, SGL selects individual stocks and bonds based on a variety of different evaluation criterion. Via this method, our clients have complete transparency regarding the composition of the entirety of their investment portfolios.

Via a variety of reporting mechanisms, our clients can see exactly what they own at any given time. SGL Investment Advisors believes in a policy of full disclosure, and looks to cut through the “smoke and mirrors” that sometimes permeates the investment industry. We encourage questions like “Why did you buy stock XYZ?” or “Why are we holding bond ABC in spite of … ?” and more. Allowing our clients the freedom to analyze their portfolio holdings in the fashion they prefer only enhances the communication environment SGL looks to foster, and it helps our clients feel more engaged in the process.

SGL also places our clients as close as is feasible to the ownership of the underlying assets. In contrast to a “manager of manager” format, we believe this management model can be less expensive for our clients as they are not paying multiple levels of managers between them and the actual stock and/or bond.