Institutional Investors

SGL Investment Advisors, Inc.’s professional money managers, backed by their more than 50 years of collective experience, work with a variety of institutional clients including, but not limited to, pension plans, trusts, nonprofit endowments, 401(k) plans and profit-sharing plans. The needs of an institutional client are often very different from those of an investment strategy for a high net worth individual.

This can be especially true of board-directed funds. All boards are different, and as such the needs of investment committees also can vary broadly. Board members typically have very little time, but immense fiduciary responsibility as it relates to the requirements of their seat. As such, we are familiar with streamlining reporting documents to aid in the portfolio review processes so the board can quickly evaluate its investment profile and confirm the organization is invested according to board policy.

Some institutional committees prefer significant detail in our presentations; some prefer a more summarized report. Some enjoy a vigorous discourse on the current state of economic affairs; some prefer to simply, quickly and efficiently deal with a line item on their agenda. At SGL Investment Advisors, we often customize the reporting and communication process to the individual needs of the particular board, administrator or committee. SGL focuses on the transparency of our processes. How our institutional investors choose to utilize that visibility is up to them to customize to their satisfaction.