Focused Asset Models

Within our suite of portfolio models, SGL Investment Advisors, Inc. manages three Focused Asset models — SGL Growth Advantage, SGL Growth and Income, and SGL Strategic Income. In conjunction with our Tactical Asset Allocation models, this system allows our institutional clientele base move from one asset allocation profile to another within the management system as may be necessitated by changing liquidity needs, large capital projects, etc. Based on the individual predilections of any particular board or committee, risk-tolerance profiles may vary widely from one institutional client to the next. Having the flexibility to dynamically position funds within the SGL Investment Advisors methodologies is an advantage only a manager of a suite of portfolios can offer. For more information please see the below.

Portfolio Model Primary
Style Focus
Equity Beta
Fact Sheet GIPS Composite
SGL Growth Advantage U.S. Small- to Mid-Cap 100% of market upside,
100% market risk
than 1
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SGL Growth and Income U.S. Mid- to Large-Cap 100% of market upside,
85% market risk
Less than or
equal to 1
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SGL Strategic Income U.S. Low-Duration
Fixed Income
n/a n/a Click to open Click to open

* “Market” as it relates to the Targeted Performance is defined as the S&P 500 over the course of a complete market cycle.