Utilizing a wide array of industry-specific data, software and news sources, the in-house research team at SGL Investment Advisors, Inc. continually searches for actionable insights as they relate to broad economic trends, product- or industry-specific niche stories, and/or company-specific analyses. SGL Investment Advisors constantly monitors the global macroeconomic environment for trends that may benefit particular industries or companies. In addition to these broad economic tailwinds (or headwinds at times), we also seek to isolate company-specific niche stories that are underappreciated by the market. These top-down and bottom-up analytical methods naturally dovetail, leaving us with companies that, in our view, are mispriced in the market and poised to benefit from mid- to long-term economic, demographic, social and/or other trends.

SGL Investment Advisors’ research process is structured collaboratively. All members of our team regularly meet to discuss potential investment ideas, recent economic data points, periodic portfolio analytics, allocation models, etc. Along with these regular formal meetings, the research and discussion is an ongoing process in perpetuity. As individuals, we are always absorbing information from an extensive variety of public sources. As a team, we are constantly looking to strengthen our money management processes by combining our respective knowledge and experiences. At any time, there may be a vigorous debate on any one stock, bond or general economic premise. The resultant discussion serves as a healthy vetting process and we believe the portfolios ultimately benefit from that discourse.