At SGL Investment Advisors, Inc. we offer a full suite of portfolio options within one cohesive management methodology that offers customizable and flexible exposures to a variety of risk-return profiles. Extensive academic and empirical research has shown that much of a portfolio’s volatility can be mitigated via careful matching of the appropriate asset allocation profile to the client’s risk tolerance and investment time horizon. In order to present our clients with a customized investment experience, SGL Investment Advisors manages a varied selection of portfolio models that offer a range of exposures to different levels of volatility and performance.

Matching each individual or institutional client with the appropriate portfolio model involves establishing trust through collaborative communication. SGL Investment Advisors’ initial consultation process typically involves assessing a client’s specific investment time frame and risk-tolerance levels.

Assessing what a client’s investment time horizon might be includes consideration of when and how much liquidity the client could need — whether or not the client will need to access funds in the near future, other sources of capital in case of emergency and when he or she plans on retiring, as well as a variety of other financial planning considerations.

The performance of SGL Investment Advisors’ various portfolio models through the Great Recession of 2008–2009 provides a useful tool for assessing what portfolio model would be most appropriate for a variety of specific risk-tolerance profiles.